News From Hughes – September 5, 2019

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When I was reflecting last night about our community of students, families and staff, I grew extremely thankful for what we are able to accomplish in our extremely unique school. We are a school that defies gravity and social constructs by ensuring that we teach the whole child for every child.

There are not many schools in MNPS where the students have access to drama club, Cross Country, Lacrosse, Baseball Club, Chess Club, a Green House, an innovative library and even a creative recess for all grade levels. JT Moore is truly a special place where staff and families unite to empower and invest in the entire child.

We focus on a mindset where our students are Moore than just a number. They are more than a grade point average, a TnReady Score, a time on their track meet, etc.  Instead, our students represent a powerful story that deserves to be poured into and invested in.

We have powerful services such as restorative practices done by Mr. McCrosky and Mr. Davis who listen to students by giving them voice in tough situations. Our counselors, social workers and community equippers focus on providing the emotional supports that children need at a challenging developmental period in their lives.

The educational landscape is at a crossroads in America. People believe that sweeping educational policies and massive decisions will create systemic change within our schools that we forget the benefits of the microsystem. Positive Change does not occur through massive revivals or quick policy changes but rather through the investment in one child at a time. We believe it is important to focus on each individual’s story and how can we equip and empower those students to feel loved and safe first, then realize that they have the tools to change our future.

As you all know, MNPS is severely underfunded. Whether it is classroom supplies or teacher salaries, JT Moore cannot function without the love and support of our investors. I choose that word carefully as you are not just giving a gift to our* school but investing in the future of our education, our economy and the overall education of your child.

Lastly, we live in a world that is crippled with comparison. Students compare grades, schools, what activities they thrive in or the clothes they wear. Adults struggle with similar constructs usually revolving around money. Just as we declare that individual students matter, so do all investments. Whether you can give $20 or $20,000, your investment has the capacity to change lives at JT Moore no matter the size.

I challenge you to partner with our school and invest in the future of all students. We strive to do moore. With investing, it is easy to say, “I’ll do this tomorrow.” However, I push you to step out of your comfort zone and commit to the legacy of JT Moore tonight, as we create world-changers, one child at a time.

Tomorrow is the final day of our Invest campaign. We are $15,000 from our goal of $120,000 that the PTO and I budgeted school needs for back in the spring. When it comes to raising funds for our school, I need your help more than ever today.

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