News from Hughes – July 25, 2018

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I am very thankful for everyone who responded to my pleas for help with our campus clean up that is scheduled for this Saturday from 8 until 9:30 a.m.  Several families responded who will be out of town and I appreciate you too! 

The help of our families is needed now more than ever. Ms. Ramona, our building custodian, lost her mother last Saturday unexpectedly. While working here at JT Moore getting floors waxed, she learned of her mother’s passing. She is beyond devastated and has spent the week preparing for her mother’s funeral this Friday. Thus, we need your help more than ever so we can get our building ready for our children and so we can remove the stress of worrying about the school from Ms. Ramona.

Saturday morning, please bring cleaning supplies to wipe down walls, Windex windows, clean bathrooms, etc. Also, if you can bring Magic Erasers from Mr. Clean, those are helpful in removing marks from the hallway walls and bathrooms. We also need five or six folks to bring electric drills to help hang white boards in the two new portables. I will need some help re-hanging the flags in our hallways per the Fire Marshall. We will also need help picking up trash from around the building, so please bring a garbage bag with you. 

If anyone has a jigsaw and knows how to use it (I owned one at one point but I nearly cut my hand off), please bring it also to cut the whiteboards that will go in the new portables.

Please know how grateful I am for all of our families. We have a wonderful community school here at JT Moore because of the support we receive from our families as well as because of the great work of our faculty and staff.


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