News from Hughes – August 5, 2018

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Dear Matador Families,

I hope that you have enjoyed the final weekend of summer break before school resumes on Tuesday, August 7. As a quick reminder, students will find their homerooms that will be posted at noon on Monday, August 6 at JT Moore, or on the first day of school when they arrive and will report to their homerooms. Students will receive their schedules at that time.

Here are some final reminders before Tuesday:

  1. Study hall will open at 7:30 Tuesday. Any parent wishing to register their child must escort the child to study hall and sign the study hall agreement before a child can attend study hall. No student may be dropped off at JT Moore before 8:40 unless he/she is enrolled in study hall, early morning Spanish, or YMCA FunCompany. This includes students being dropped off to go to the park/athletic fields. Sign-ups will occur every day this week beginning Tuesday and the following week. Students are not required to attend every day and may attend as needed. Any student who is dropped off before 8:40 must be enrolled.
  2. Early morning Spanish for Glendale 5thgraders will begin Tuesday. Students must be seated in their classrooms at 7:45. Parents are encouraged to walk their student to class on the first day. Spanish classes are located at the far end of the D-wing.
  3. 7thgrade students must have updated immunizations and a copy of the updated immunization form on file in the front office before attending school. Please turn your child’s form in to Ms. Stapleton in the front office. Students and parents have been given notice for 8 months of this requirement by the State of Tennessee, and absences related to immunizations will not be excused.
  4. Breakfast is provided at no charge for all students. However, students who wish to eat school lunch will have to pay for lunch this year unless they qualify for free or reduced priced lunches. We will be sending the applications for free/reduced lunches on Thursday. Students may pay each day going through the line or parents may wish to pay a lump sum for a week or two at a time. Parents whose children are to eat the school lunch are encouraged to pay by check so that students do not spend their lunch money in the vending machines.
  5. As usual, the entrance to the car line is next to the Green Hills Park and exits close to the fruit and vegetable stand. This is a one-way carline. If you are in the left-hand lane, you must exit to the left towards Granny White. Those vehicles in the right-hand lane must exit to the right towards the 4-way stop on Lone Oak. Please do not usurp the car line by having your child go to a designated place on a side street. This is unsafe and it sends the message that your child does not have to follow our rules.
  6. The use of a hand-held cell phone in a school zone is illegal unless you are speaking using a hands-free option. Texting is always illegal while driving. This means no texting and no cell phone use when you enter the school zone (demarcated by the flashing lights on Granny White and Lone Oak), including while sitting in the car line waiting on your child. Please ensure that our children arrive to school and home safely by following state law on cell phone use in school zones. Violators can be ticketed, banned from driving on campus for the entire school year, or both.
  7. Dismissal is at 3:55 each day. Students must remain for the entire school day. Please do not pick your child up early so you can avoid the car line. We will not dismiss children early after 3:10.
  8. Students are to be at school each day. Family trips, vacations, and other important journeys must be scheduled during school breaks. Sniffles and other mild ailments are not acceptable reasons for a child to miss school. The school is under no obligation to accept excuse notes from parents or physicians, and students who have histories of chronic absenteeism will have absences scrutinized very closely. I expect students to be at school unless absolutely necessary to miss.
  9. Students who do not live in the JT Moore zone will be returned to their school of zone for failure to adhere to school policies. This includes for parent violations of car line, dismissal, absenteeism, grades, and behavioral issues.
  10. Finally, we are completely full at JT Moore. Thus, students wishing to change to a different class such as an honors class or a different related arts class will likely not have such request honored. We are bound by state law for the average number of students who can be in each class.

I look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday! I encourage parents to come into the building with their students on the first day. Please ensure that your child knows which bus to get on, and if your child is a car rider, please consider having your child ride the bus, if eligible, in order to save your sanity. The car line will be very slow and long.

If you have any questions, please come and see me, email me, or give me a call at school (615)-298-8095 or before/after school at (615)772-5354.

Let’s defy gravity…again.


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