THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making the INVESTment in JT Moore!!! If you made a pledge and have not had a chance to complete the process, now is the time. It isn’t too late to send in your donation or pledge. We will announce all winners the week of September 24th.  You still have time!

The results thus far:  5th grade is leading with 45.57% returning their pledge cards, 6th grade has 42.86%, 7th grade is at 36.65% and 8th grade comes in at 38.16%. Mr. Myers and Ms. Owens have the highest number of returned pledge cards and there are seven more classrooms that have returned more than 50% of their pledge cards.

Incentives for Classes/Grades:
Each investment:    Enters your child’s homeroom to compete for a Pizza or Popsicle Party!
Highest % Grade     The grade with the highest percentage of returned pledge cards gets a Pajama Day (Rumor has it the principals will wear PJs too)
50%+ Class/Grade   Sock Wars for the class or grade that gets more than 50% participation

Thank you again, as you know our school does not function without our parents and PTO. The financial support for our beloved community school, JT Moore, allows for additional library books, instructional materials, academic and athletic clubs, art and music programs, playground equipment, advanced teacher training, and counselors.

Click HERE to submit your pledge card (Please complete a pledge card for your student(s) to compete for the rewards; even if you are not able to make a financial donation.)

Click HERE to donate today online 

  • Questions about INVEST? Contact the INVEST team.
  • You can also send a check (made out to JT Moore PTO, line item “INVEST”) in to the front office with your student
  • Or mail your check to:  JT Moore PTO – INVEST   4425 Granny White Pike   Nashville, TN 37204
  • Invest online by clicking HERE