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Welcome to winter! Winter break is a great time to serve in the community. This is just a reminder that each student in grades 5, 6, and 7 should complete 10 hours of community service and document his/her hours on the form found here.


Any service without pay “counts.” It does not have to be associated with an official organization, but sometimes that helps provide structure to the service. Students can volunteer through an official organization such as Hands on Nashville or Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, but don’t overlook the obvious opportunities, too, like serving through a religious or non-religious organization, doing household chores, helping neighbors, etc.


Hours are accepted on a rolling basis, but are due by May 4, 2018. Hours from May 5, 2017 through May 4, 2018 will “count” toward this year’s 10 hour requirement.


Students should reflect on their service using the reflection form.  There are also paper copies in the C hallway across from the gym, in the front office, and next to Ms. Price’s office door. All forms can be turned in to the mailbox on the wall near Ms. Price’s office door, to homeroom teachers, or to the front office.

8th graders’ 10 hours will come from their work on the IB project.  Therefore, they do not need to turn in the reflection/documentation form.


Need hours? Here are some ideas:

-Visit http://www.hon.org/HON_Youth_Teens.

-Got younger kids in your life? Read with them! Help them with homework!

-Lend a hand to a neighbor. Rake some leaves, babysit, help clean, or cook for someone.

-Help at a sibling’s sporting event or practice.

-Help Nashville’s Room At The Inn (http://www.roomintheinn.org).

-Document the hours of service you do with a scouting, religious, or volunteer group.

-Get involved in an organization or service group of your choice.

-More ideas can be found on this list, but not all listed ideas will be applicable or acceptable for all students.


Have more questions? Check out the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below, and/or email Ms. Price (carly.price@mnps.org).


Let’s get out there and show our Matador citizenship!


Onward & upward,

Carly Price

Instructional Coach and International Baccalaureate Coordinator

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