On November 6, 2015 JTM launched the 8th grade IB Community Project.

What is it?

The community project encourages students to explore their right and responsibility to implement service as action in the community. Students should identify a problem within the community, design a solution, and then work to implement it.

How are we doing this?

Students may complete the community project in groups of 3-4 students, all within the same advisory class.   Most of the work for these projects should be done outside school.  A typical project takes 15-25 hours of work, and the community service can “count” toward the 10 hours required of all our students.  The service needs to be recorded and documented on the service hours reflection form.

Groups will have a mentor to guide them through this process, and we have partnered with Hillsboro High School’s IB students to be mentors for our 8th grade teams. Thanks, HHS IB!  Additionally, I am here to help, and so are students’ advisory and core content teachers.

Students will keep track of their individual work on their digital process journal, which can be accessed through Office365 with individual logins.  There, students will find a OneNote notebook with three major sections: A collaborative space for them to interact with one another, a content library (view only) in which project guidelines and tips are posted, and then their individual process journal in which they can record notes, pictures, diagrams, emails, reflections, etc.

How will students be assessed?

The students will present their long-term project on May 6th, 2016 to a panel of community members, teachers, parents, and perhaps some 7th graders.  Students will be scored on four rubrics in each of their four core content classes.

Students are encouraged to enter their semi-completed IB project into the JT Moore Project Expo on January 29, 2016.

by April 4: Students should have 12 entries in their journals. An entry is a minimum of five sentences. It can be brainstorming, research notes, reflection, action steps, interview questions, graphs, charts, diagrams survey results, etc.

by April 25: Hillsboro mentors will meet with groups to help students prepare their presentations. Projects should be mostly finished before this date.

by May 5-6: Students will be assigned a time in 10-minute increments to present to a panel who will score using the rubrics posted here. All information is in the digital notebook. Login information can be found hereAs a reminder, students must complete this project in order to be eligible for the 8th grade trip. 

Some helpful links:

JT Moore’s project guidelines: click here.

OneNote notebook with guidelines & help: click here.

Project registration: click here.

Academic honesty form: click here.

Project planning template: click here.

Questions to ask your children to inspire their thinking about this project:

1. When do you feel most successful?

2. What do you see in our community that isn’t fair, that you can help to make better?

3. When you can’t sleep at night, what are the things going through your head?

4. What would you love to inspire other people to do?


Questions?  Email carly.price@mnps.org.


Onward & upward,

Carly Price
Consulting Teacher & International Baccalaureate Coordinator
J.T. Moore Middle Prep, an IB World School<