The PAC (Parent Advisory Council) is comprised of 2 representatives from each MNPS school. They are organized into their respective clusters based on the geographic High School the schools feed into, and one additional cluster representing the magnet schools. These cluster PACs meet monthly, and each of the 13 clusters’ chairpeople meet again as part of the Director’s PAC, to discuss issues directly with the Director of Schools.

The goals of the PAC are:

• To energize, organize, and mobilize parents to be involved in the lifelong education of their children

• To identify barriers to parental involvement and work with Metro Schools personnel to reduce or remove these barriers

• To make these actions ongoing through structured committees, meeting regularly, and reporting to the Director’s PAC and Metro Schools on a frequent basis


The Hillsboro cluster PAC is comprised of the 7 elementary schools and 3 middle schools within the Hillsboro Cluster, as well as representatives from Hillsboro High.


J.T. Moore is represented by 2 parents at each meeting, Chris Taylor and Teresa Terry. Contact them for additional information about the PAC.