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At our April PAC meeting, we discussed the schools budget request made by the school board.  The school board requested a $76.6 million increase over the previous year, which included funds to give employees a 10% cost of living increase and a step increase. You can find details on the MNPS request and the priorities it seeks to fund here:

Mayor Briley has proposed a budget for MNPS that includes only a $28.2 million increase, funding an employee cost of living increase of just 3%, with no step increase. Some information regarding the MNPS and other Metro budget proposals can be found here:

You probably received a call-out from MNPS and saw in the news that there was a teacher “sick-out” this past Friday and Monday in opposition to the proposed reduction in pay raise. Here’s some local news coverage:  The sick-out (which has ended) was not organized by the teachers representative body, MNEA, and it is unclear who organized it, but if you are interested in keeping up with that effort, there is a twitter account @SickTeachers that you can follow.

What’s next? The district will present its budget to the Metro Council on May 16. School board budget and finance chair Anna Shepherd has stated her intention to bring the full original MNPS budget request to the council, rather than revise the MNPS budget downward to match the Mayor’s proposal.

The council, which has the final say over the budget, will vote on June 18. If you would like to advocate for funding for our schools at the highest level possible, at this point one of the best things you can is to contact the Metro Council and state that as a Metro schools parent, you know the urgency to more funding for our school district, and you know that our hard working teachers and school staff cannot continue to wait for a meaningful increase in pay. We all know the need for funding our schools, not just for our own children, but for every child in this city – just send your personal comments and a direct ask that the council fund the request from the school district.

Email your district council member. (If you don’t know who your councilperson is, reply to this email and I can help you with that.) In addition to your district council member, we are all represented by at large council members, whose email addresses are:,,, On your emails, CC: A copy will then be sent to the entire council, but it’s most effective to send to individual members.

I’ll send additional information and action steps as I become aware of them.

Anne Marie Farmer

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