2020-2021 Yearbooks

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Mr. Smith needs our help as he is beginning to gather pictures for our school yearbook and, as you know, it’s a bit more challenging these days. Here are a few ways you can help:

Updates as of 1.09.2021:

Submit Your Individual Yearbook Photo Now by emailing them to Zac.Smith@mnps.org or texting them to Zac at 615.519.5183. Moving forward please email/text your photos to him.

Reminder to include name/grade of child

  • Reminder that individual photos need to be an appropriate, upper body shot.
  • Reminder that fun photos can be of learning pods, family trips, or any fun activity you have done with friends/family.
  • Reminder to include any pet photos of your child with their pets.
  • Reminder to include any band/strings photos of your child with their instrument.


***Already done this, then scroll down to ORDERING A YEARBOOK.***


Limited number available! It’s a hardback cover with color pictures. Price starts at $45 for just the yearbook. If you customize it, the pricing goes up (if you add your name/choose other options). Check the site out below for more info!


It takes our whole Matador family (that means you) to pull off this project with me!
So, to recap – Individual photos – GREATEST NEED  – Band/String/Fun pics  – Order your yearbook 

If you have any questions, or need help, please reach out to Mr. Smith.

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