Teacher appreciation week – Feb 11-15

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JTM Teacher Appreciation Week is our time to show each of our faculty & staff at JT Moore how much we appreciate and love them.

Below is a list of activities planned for this week. Please feel free sign up for as little or as much as you desire. There are lots of opportunities to help out. JT Moore’s amazing parents/caregivers make this week possible so thank you in advance!

In addition to the daily events planned in their lounge, you are welcome to individually celebrate any of JTM faculty & staff with special words of thanks, email/letter of gratitude, small gift, etc.  Or you can use the information in the below links as reference:

5th grade teachers favorite things

6th grade teachers favorite things

7th grade teachers favorite things

8th grade teachers favorite things

related arts and exceptional ed teachers favorite things

administration and front office favorite things

Thank you for making teacher appreciation week a huge success!


Click here to sign up for Monday: “What’s for Dinner?”

Click here to sign up for Tuesday: “I need a snack!”

Click here to sign up for Wednesday: “hot potato, hot potato”

Click here to sign up for Thursday: “sweets for our sweets”

Click here to sign up for Friday: “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”

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