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I have just a couple of items on my wish list that I would like to put out into the community-verse:

  • If you and your students have finished reading Harbor Me and would like to donate it to Dr. Allen’s new school, Haynes Middle, please bring those to me this week! We are hopping to have enough donated back so they can have an all-school read as well. Haynes only has about 250-300 students so this is super possible!
  • Please make sure your student is reading over break! We have spent the entire week looking at book recommendations during advisory and I have a list of books up on the library website to help with selection. There are so many good stories out there!
  • Finally, I wonder if we could all ask each other what made us feel hopeful, empowered, smart, or just plain good this semester. Sometimes holding up the better moments of our lives in school and in work, helps us feel a little more grounded in a hope-filled future. We are stories too.

I hope the break brings an abundance of rest, insight, good food, and surprisingly interesting conversations,

Ms. Dark

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