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Hello Matador Car Riders and Drivers!

First, get ready for a long car line and wait. If your child can ride the school bus, please allow them to do so. You will save yourself frustration, irritation, and gray hair. If you are going to be a student/parent in the car line, please put your child(s) full name and grade on a sheet of paper written in marker so that we can call for students more readily. If you don’t have paper or a marker at home, please park and come in tomorrow morning. We will have paper/markers on a table outside the front doors in the courtyard for you to make a sign.

Second, please follow the traffic rules and instructions given by our teachers running the car line.

Third, please stay off your phone and do not text in the car line so we can avoid harming a child or teacher.

Fourth, please do not pick your child up on the street. Yes, the line is long. However, a few minutes wait is better than causing an accident or injury to someone or your child. It also won’t be worth the ticket that you will possible receive from the Metro Nashville Police Department or the embarrassing meeting that you will have with me.

We can’t wait to see you all for the 1st day of school! If your child is going to come to school before 8:40, please come in and sign him/her up for study hall (unless your child is enrolled in YMCA FunCompany or early morning Spanish for Glendale 5th grade students).


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