Fall School Read is coming!

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The library has an exciting event coming up called the Fall All School Read. For those of you who are new to JTM, three years back we began reading a book together as a whole school community. Because of the amazing support from our PTO & school leadership, last year we were able to buy two books for each student, one in the Fall & one in the Spring. In the Fall, we read Jaqueline Woodson’s meditation on friendship & immigration in her story, Harbor Me. In the Spring, Jason Reynold’s book of poetry, For Everyone, helped us get through that tough testing season when we often second guess our value under the pressure to perform.

This year, our Fall read will be our first non-fiction title. The Art of the Possible: An everyday Guide to Politics, by Edward Keenan, gives a lovely little overview about how politics works in a democracy and how important it is for citizens to be involved at every age. Mr. Keenan is the Washington Bureau Chief for the Toronto Star, a newspaper that is often thought of as something of a New York Times equivalent in Canada. As we near the election season of 2020, I want our students to feel empowered and engaged by what they are seeing and hearing. The books are on their way and we hope to receive them before Thanksgiving Break! Students will be reading & discussing it in school over a two week period. Please ask them about it.

Project LIT meets tomorrow after school to discuss Jason Reynold’s Lu, the last book in his track series. Please know that your student can join Project LIT anytime. Next month’s book will be The Benefits of Being an Octopus and can be picked up at our library. Please have your student come visit me for more information, or visit our website and sign up! Jtmoorelibrary.weebly.com

May you read widely and wildly to build empathy, compassion, and love for neighbor and self! So glad to be on this journey with you.

Ms. Dark

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