Burro Beginnings

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Attention recent JT Moore graduates!

Hillsboro’s ninth-grade orientation, Burro Beginnings, is Thursday, July 25. Orientation will begin at 8:30 am in the Hillsboro High School gym. If construction prohibits the usage of the drive in front of the gym, or the gym itself, we will notify parents, and there will be signs and staff at the school indicating where to drop students off. Lunch (pizza) will be provided to students. Orientation will end at 2 pm.

Some of the topics covered will include the following:
·       Learning Hillsboro traditions and school culture
·       Becoming familiar with campus (especially important this year with construction and a new building!)
·       Getting to know each other and develop a voice as a Freshmen class.
·       Introduction of how student activities work (Homecoming, clubs, etc)
·       Gaining a better understanding of the IB Middle Years Program (MYP)

IMPORTANT: Parent orientation is now Tuesday, July 30, at 6 pm (location TBD).

Burro Beginnings Needs Your Help!
Volunteers are needed for Burro Beginnings on Thursday, July 25. Sign up here! Time slots are for two hours or less and volunteers can be upperclassmen or their parents, as well as freshmen parents.

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