News from Hughes – December 4, 2017

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Mr. Daniel Parsons and two of our JTM parents, Walt Brandt and William Lawson, have been working to make baseball happen at JT Moore this upcoming spring.  While there are still a lot of things to orchestrate, we are determined to have a team and have signed up to play in a league as a club sport this spring.

We would like to focus on targeting 7th and 8th graders for the team.  This is in part due to 1) games being played on the full-sized field (90 foot bases, 300+ foot fences) and with -3 weight bats as well as 2) 11/12 year old seasons in the various leagues in the area overlapping considerably with the games JTM will play.

If your son is interested in trying out for JTM baseball, please send an email to Coarch Parsons, Walt Brandt, and William Lawson at and and  Walt Brandt and William Lawson will be coordinating a lot of things related to the team in in support of Mr. Parsons, who will be our head coach.  Once we have an idea the level of interest, we will then work on finding a time or times for the boys to try out for the team.

Getting this off the ground will require a lot of work and resources, and we are hoping that there will be a lot of parental support for a baseball program at JT Moore. I know that Walt and William will also be fund raising among parents to get this rolling.  As this is a club sport, we will depend on families to help support the program’s budget.

More details will follow once we have had some feedback from interested parents and boys.

Thank you!

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