Boys soccer tryouts

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My name is Mr. West and I will be coaching the Boy’s Soccer team this spring. Below, you will find the schedule for conditioning camp and tryouts.


February 4th-8th: Conditioning Camp (optional, but highly encouraged)

4:00-5:00 pm

Meet at the field beside the school ready to run with tennis shoes on.

Dress appropriately for the weather. Bring water. Soccer cleats are optional.

This camp is not required to make the team but it is highly encouraged that you attend as it is a great opportunity to meet your potential teammates and coach.


February 13th and February 14th: Boys’ Soccer Tryouts (required)

Tryouts will be held on February 13th (Wednesday) and February 14th (Thursday), weather permitting.  

The tryouts will be held on the field beside the school from 4:00 until 6:00. Again, this is for males only and ONLY 6th, 7th, and 8th graders may tryout.

I have included 5th grade in this e-mail as I will need between 2-3 managers and I prefer young men from the 5th grade who have a serious interest in soccer and who are interested in playing for JT Moore in the future!

Players will need shin guards and water as we will be moving around a lot. Cleats are recommended but not necessary if you are unsure of making the team and do not want to spend the extra money. If a player makes the team cleats will be necessary!

Everyone is encouraged to come out.  Players who did not make the team last season may make the team this season.  Athletes with no soccer experience can certainly make the team based on athletic ability if they have potential as soccer players.  Please note that if you made the team last season that does not automatically mean that you will make the team this season.

I will be taking 24 field players and 2-3 goalies.  We need younger goalies, preferably 6th graders. If you come out for goalie you will need to bring your own gloves if you wish to use a pair.

Tryouts will consist of some conditioning but will primarily be based upon scrimmaging on a large field 11v11 and on a small field as well.  I will rotate players on the two fields and decisions will be based upon performance in these two areas, as well as on conditioning. If there are tough decisions to be made it is possible that Tryouts could be extended into Friday, I will let you know ASAP if this happens

The Team Roster will be posted on Evrits on Friday the 15th and a paper copy will be posted in the Office window as well.

I think I covered everything regarding Tryouts but please contact me at if you have questions or you feel I left some critical information out!


The forms that are required for soccer are listed here: Doctor’s Physical Form 1.pdf Doctor’s Physical Form 2.pdf Parent’s Physical Form.pdf Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form Page 1.pdf Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form Page 2.pdf Concussion Form 1.pdf Concussion Form 2.pdf Concussion Form 3 To Sign.pd! f Insurance Consent Form Page 1.pdf Insurance Consent Form Page 2.pdf


There may be a spot or two that asks for a Social Security #, please DO NOT include a Social Security #!!  If a player does not make the team these Forms can be used to tryout for other sports later in the year, please retrieve them!!


Finally, please do not ask me to stop sending you E-mails, I cannot as these are mass E-mails through Evrits!!  If you have no interest in soccer be aware that you will not receive any more of these messages once the team is chosen on February the 15th, thanks for your patience in this matter!!  


I look forward to seeing you at tryouts and please feel free to ask me any questions that you might have,

Coach Andrew West

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