Scott Putney, 8th grade History

I teach 8th Grade U.S. History at J.T. Moore and this is my eighth year teaching at Moore after spending eight years teaching at DuPont Tyler Middle School in Hermitage.  I have been Teacher of the Year several times, was a “Service Above Self” teacher as awarded by the Donelson Rotary Club, and was awarded the Leadership Award here at J.T. Moore.

I attended Glendale Elementary, J.T. Moore Junior High, and Hillsboro High School.  I later attended Aquinas College, Belmont University, and Tennessee State University, graduating with Honors.    My son attended the same schools and I taught him for two years at J.T. Moore as well as coaching him on the soccer team for two seasons.  I have students every year who have parents who were classmates of mine at these various schools, or I have taught the student’s siblings.

I have also served in various capacities as a soccer coach here at J.T. Moore.  The 2017 Fall season girls’ won the City Championship and we are hoping to see that happen again.  I have coached soccer for approximately 11 years and won a TSSA Championship as well as competing at several different levels of play, rec and competitive, and in various styles of play, such as 3v3, 5v5, and indoor soccer.  I also enjoy spending time with family, working in my yard, cutting and splitting wood, large bonfires, canoeing, reading, and enjoying a good meal.  I have done a lot in my lifetime, including helping build a homestead in Colorado over two decades every Summer, helping my Grandfather build his blue water boat and sailing with him, living in the back of a box truck for over half a year in Central Florida, and running a tropical plant nursery in Central Florida for 3 years while in my teens.  I have traveled extensively in the U.S., especially in the southwestern and southeastern parts of the country. I have also traveled in central and southern Mexico with Vanderbilt’s Center for Latin American Studies and spent a summer in Guatemala with a good friend and his family who are originally from the country.

I have enjoyed my time at J.T. Moore, primarily due to the great students who are continually sent to me and the dedicated involvement of their parents.  I also enjoy my fine colleagues here at J.T. Moore.  You can find me in A-17 and on the soccer field in the Fall.