Alecia Ford, 7th grade science

Alecia Ford tries to keep curiosity and kindness up front, and enjoys talking shop about all things education.

I grew up near Pittsburgh PA and got a Food Science degree at Penn State University. After 8 years with Pillsbury in Denison, TX and Murfreesboro, TN, I decided to go back to school for education. I got my Master’s degree from Peabody in 1997 and have taught in MNPS middle schools since then: Jere Baxter, Meigs, East Literature and most recently J.T. Moore for the last 9 years.

In between Meigs and East Literature, our family of four lived in Singapore and then Victoria, British Columbia. It was a wonderful experience to live as an expat, travel, and to see the U.S. from a distance.

Since I have been at JTM, I have served on MNPS textbook and math councils, on the inaugural NPEF Teacher Cabinet, mentored student teachers, been selected as JTM Teacher of the Year by my colleagues, received a Blue Ribbon Teacher Award nominated by a parent, joined The Educators’ Cooperative, and currently serve on the EdCo leadership team. One year, I tied for third place in Nashville Scene’s “Best of Nashville” contest, which is both humbling and complimentary at the same time! Like I said, I could talk shop 24/7; collaborating with other inspired educators keeps me on my game.

I love getting to know the kids we serve as educators, and am grateful to be a part of their journey to adulthood. Middle school is a blast.