J.T. Moore’s Spaghetti Supper Spectacular and Parent/Teacher Basketball Game

On Saturday, March 11, the Matador “family” celebrated our amazing drama team with a spaghetti supper, a preview of this spring’s James and the Giant Peach production (April 20-23) and our 2nd annual parents vs teachers basketball game. Over 200 people gathered to watch the rematch of last year’s parent-team victory. Dr. Hughes had assured all the people at J.T. Moore that the teachers would be ready to win this year – and he was right.

Taking a fast 7-0 lead, the teachers never looked back. A quick 3 from Seth Swihart anchored a 1st half dominating performance that had the teachers up 30-16 heading to the locker rooms at the break. The parents played their way back into the game in the 2nd half, outscoring the teachers after halftime, but never could catch up and ended up losing 47-34. Fouls never came into play in the 1st half (as none were called) but the contest got a bit “scrappy” late in the game, which is when Dr Hughes sank his only point of the match on a late free throw (he finished 1-6 from the stripe).

All proceeds from the event will benefit J.T. Moore’s Musical Production of the James and the Giant Peach and help offset the costs of building props, lighting, make-up etc. Thanks to all who attended this FUNdraiser!