From August 22 through September 8, J.T. Moore is holding its annual INVEST campaign. The school has assembled the best group of teachers that we have ever had in Dr. Hughes’ nine years at Moore.  From academics to athletics, our team is committed to raising well-rounded students who are prepared for high school and beyond.  However, we can’t do it without you.

As you may know, INVEST is the school-wide fundraiser that helps Moore be the incredible school that it is.  Your donations allow us to support everything from academics to the arts to sports to building improvements to technology and so much more!  This year, in addition to all of this, we would like to add new video production equipment for morning announcements and outdoor playground equipment (chosen by your kids after a survey was taken last Spring).

This year, our INVEST goal is $65,000.  We would like to focus on raising as much as possible on Tuesday August 22nd at Open House.  So, please consider bringing your checkbook or credit cards to the Open House. The INVEST team recognizes that everyone will not be able to invest, but requests that everyone participate by either investing or turning in an Invest Form that will be given to you on Tuesday. For those of you who are able to give more financially, we will have various, fun incentives if you give on Tuesday:

First, if anyone gives $5,000 or more (or if we raise over $35,000 collectively) on Tuesday, there will be a matching $5,000 donation given by an anonymous donor.

Second, a donation of $1,500 or more Tuesday will receive a spot at the Dr. Hughes Poker Party.

Third, a donation of $500 or more Tuesday will receive two (2) invitations to a catered party at my home.

Finally, any donation on Tuesday will receive two tickets to our incredible Motown Moore live-band karaoke party.

Please remember that no donation is too small and that we so value all of the members of our Moore community regardless of how much they are able to give financially.  But, for those who can give and give Moore, please do!

The most important thing to know is that our school does not function without our parents and PTO.  The financial support and the leadership that parents and the PTO provide ensure that we can continue to grow and thrive as a beloved community school.  We need you.  Your children need to see you here tomorrow night.  Children need to see that their parents understand and value education by being present at school events, even after a long day of work.

Every financial donation is tax deductible and all donations count towards keeping J.T. Moore the best middle school in Nashville. 100% of all donations go directly to supporting your school.

You can download and fill out an INVEST brochure and include it with your check.

Or you can INVEST below using your PayPal account.

More information will be available at Open House on August 22nd.

Questions about INVEST? Contact the INVEST team.

INVEST participation 2016

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$25 donation to J.T. Moore  


$75 donation to J.T. Moore  


$150 donation to J.T. Moore  


$300 donation to J.T. Moore  


$500 donation to J.T. Moore  


$1000 donation to J.T. Moore  


$2000 donation to J.T. Moore  


$5000 donation to J.T. Moore  


Want to give an amount that’s not shown here?

  • Email us and we will help you take care of it
  • Or send a check (made out to JT Moore PTO, line item “INVEST”) in to the front office with your student
  • Or put a check in the mail:  JT Moore PTO – INVEST   4425 Granny White Pike   Nashville, TN 37215